IN PICTURES: The Judean Desert blooms after massive rainfall

IN PICTURES: The Judean Desert blooms after massive rainfall

The ‘biggest storm’ of the Israeli winter turned the Judean desert from a middle eastern dustbowl, into a English green landscape, over the weekend.

The Judean desert, which lies 1200 meters beneath the Jerusalem Mountains acts as a basin for rainfall from Jerusalem. 

Heavy rainfall and subsequent floods created a ‘unique’ and ‘rare view’ of a thick green blanket of grass covering the desert’s hills, according to Israeli Nir Cohen.

He said the rain filled the “usually dry valley with strong flow of water”.

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Before and after..

Nir told Jewish News” “The biggest storm of this winter in Israel, last weekend, brought with it enormous amount of rainfall to all parts of the country including in places we would normally not even dream of having that much rain, such as Be’er Sheva in the Negev.”

“Definitely consider paying a visit to the Judean desert, but hurry up before the desert will go back to its regular outfit – dry and yellow!”

Pictures courtesy of Nir Cohen.

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