IN PICTURES: Interfaith Holocaust Memorial Day in Chichester

IN PICTURES: Interfaith Holocaust Memorial Day in Chichester

Chichester HMD 042A special Holocaust Memorial Day event was held in Chichester by the Council of Christians and Jews (CCJ), with contribution from a Holocaust survivor.

On 27 January at the George Bell House and in the Cathedral, a memorial service was held, including lighting memorial candles, and a tribute the Bishop of Chichester during the war. A presentation by Dr Andrew Chandler of Chichester University, on the remarkable George Bell who was the Bishop during the war, shared how he made significant efforts to lobby the Church and Government about the risks that Jews were facing in Nazi occupied Europe. 

An act of commemoration with candle lighting took place, involving students from the University, and Rabbi Mark Solomon, who sang El Male Rachamim and the Kaddish.

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CCJ member Dr Martin Stern shared the amazing story of his and his baby sister’s survival in Theresienstadt, as well as offering some thoughts on how human beings could become capable of appalling acts.

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The CCJ stressed the importance of the involvement of local people who had not previously not engaged in any involvement in Holocaust Memorial Day, becoming more engaged this year, through interfaith dialogue.