Parish council candidate: If I had time machine ‘Hitler would be safe’

Parish council candidate: If I had time machine ‘Hitler would be safe’

Nazi dictator would escape wrath of David Aris-Sutton, but political hopeful would bend time if he could to punish inventor of woodchip wallpaper

Credit: GnasherJew / Twitter
Credit: GnasherJew / Twitter

A parish councillor candidate has said that if he had a time machine “Hitler would be safe” but not the inventor of the woodchip wallpaper.

David Aris-Sutton is running as a parish councillor for New Mills Town Council near Stockport in an uncontested election. He is due to sign a declaration to be sworn in as parish councillor after the election on May 2.

Concerns were raised about his social media activity, after several posts were uncovered by the Twitter account GnasherJew.

A tweet from 2017 said: “After today, if I had a single use of a time machine Hitler would be safe, the inventor of the woodchip wallpaper however should be very scared.”

“Denying [sic] holocaust committed against the Jews is a crime; ignoring [sic] the holocaust being committed by them seems standard practice,” read a post from 2014.

A message from 2014 read: “Oh no ballo, you didn’t say something mildly about the JEWS? The child-bombing, land grabbing JEWS. Anyone but the JEWS.”

“Have we gotten so precious that calling Jews frugal is offensive? Has anyone told the Jewish comedians?,” said another tweet.

Aris-Sutton tweeted this afternoon before deleting his account: “It appears now that I have now become a target of GnasherJew, a five-year-old tweet has been screenshot [sic] and is being used to paint me as an antisemite.

“Honestly if this is Twitter, I don’t see why I am bothering.”

David Aris-Sutton has been approached for comment.

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