Panel scraps plans to discuss Labour member over ‘big noses’ post

Panel scraps plans to discuss Labour member over ‘big noses’ post

The process to discipline the ex-vice-chair of Woking Labour, who said Hitler may be a “Zionist god”, is yet to be completed

Vicki Kirby
Vicki Kirby

The disciplinary process against the former vice-chair of Woking Labour has yet to be completed a year after she was suspended over alleged anti-Semitism.

Jewish News has learnt that the case of Vicki Kirby had been due to be raised yesterday at the same meeting where Jackie Walker was referred to the national constitutional committee.

An agenda produced ahead of a meeting of the national executive committee’s disputes panel included the case of the former vice-chair of Woking Labour, who was suspended a second time last March over social media posts in which she apparently suggested Jews have “big noses” and Hitler may be a “Zionist god”.

She was one of the first people to be suspended in the row over anti-Semitism in the party. However, despite getting through all the other cases on the agenda, which was sent out last week, Labour sources indicated the case was not even discussed.

She was initially suspended over the same posts in 12014 before re-emerging as the vice-chair of Woking Labour.
A party spokesperson said the Kirby case is ongoing.

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