Leading Guardian columnist Owen Jones to address Jewish Labour lecture

Leading Guardian columnist Owen Jones to address Jewish Labour lecture

Leading Guardian columnist to speak at inaugural event in memory of Jewish Labour Movement stalwart

Leading Guardian columnist Owen Jones will discuss anti-Semitism and the Middle East in an inaugural lecture in honour of a Jewish Labour Movement stalwart

The journalist and author will give the inaugural JLM Henry Smith Memorial Lecture, during an event in which he will be in conversation with vice-chair Sarah Sackman.

Jones and will cover topical issues including Jeremy Corbyn, Israel-Palestine and the Labour Party.

The lecture, held in memory of Jewish-Labour stalwart Henry Smith, who passed away in 2015, will take place on 2 April.

Smith served as vice chairman of the Jewish Labour Movement, and was involved in the organisation for decades.

JLM National Secretary Peter Mason said: “2016 was by all measures a difficult year. For the Jewish Labour Movement it was also one of exceptional growth across the country. From our rally at Party conference, alongside our training to combat antisemitism within the Labour movement; flying the JLM banner at the Cable Street 80th anniversary, to seeing JLM candidates win in internal Labour elections, we are standing on the shoulders of giants like Henry Smith. This event is going to be an excellent opportunity for Jewish Labour members to come together, look back on our achievements, regroup and reenergise for the year ahead.”

In addition to being a prominent Guardian columnist, Jones is a regular TV political commentator, and has authored a number of books focussing on class politics.

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