Orthodox Jews come face to face with their abusers

Orthodox Jews come face to face with their abusers

Two Manchester residents had an emotional meeting with their abusers, facilitated by police

Stephen is the Jewish News' Foreign Editor

A strictly-Orthodox Jew
A strictly-Orthodox Jew

Two Jewish residents who were racially abused as they walked through Manchester have come face-to-face with the perpetrators in an “emotional” meeting facilitated by police.

The rabbi and a woman, both believed to be members of the Orthodox community, reported the incident on Bury New Road earlier this year and officers later traced the two men, aged 23 and 24, who drove past hurling anti-Semitic abuse at them.

Greater Manchester Police’s Prestwich Neighbourhood Team offered the victims the chance to participate in a Restorative Justice (RJ) meeting, which they accepted and attended, alongside members of the Community Security Trust.

The meeting took place on 16 May and was reported last week by The Bury Times, which quoted Sgt. Steve Wightman Love, saying: “It gave the victims the opportunity to face their offenders as part of the rehabilitation process… The meeting was an emotional event on all sides, with the two men admitting that their behaviour was anti-Semitic in nature and not acceptable.”

Police forces say restorative justice helps offenders better understand the consequences of their actions and Wightman love added: “I can only describe it as the most productive RJ meeting I have ever been involved in.”

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