OPINION: Why vote for me, by Barnet’s Jewish UKIP candidate

OPINION: Why vote for me, by Barnet’s Jewish UKIP candidate

A polling station
A polling station
Keith Fraser, UKIP candidate for Totteridge
Keith Fraser, UKIP candidate for Totteridge

By Keith Fraser, UKIP candidate for Totteridge

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. In the same way, change starts on a smaller level, a local level.

I believe I speak for the most people when I say I’m fed up with failed promises, continued lies, bureaucracy, wastage of people’s hard earned money. Enough is enough.

I’m a passionate man, and those who know me will testify that I say it as I see it. I would stick up for what I believe is right against injustice caused by the continued oversight and nonchalance of the mainstream parties.

If elected, I will push my weight for you, to see change for the better, assisting local services and businesses, whilst helping to eliminate wastage of your money.

Some of the accusations levelled at the party I have chosen to represent upset me.  But, it is completely fair and right to speak out and say out loud, that we in Britain want control over our own laws, and this has fallen on deaf Labour and Conservative ears for too long.

As a proud Jew, I would do my utmost to engage local communities from all minority groups, ensure dialogue with everyone in order to assist all backgrounds to live together in harmony.

At the same time, I will uphold the basic belief of the party I represent, UKIP, in campaigning for our exit from the unfair, bureaucratic and undemocratic European Union.

I represent UKIP, because I, like many, am tired of the mainstream parties who continue to not listen to the concerns of everyday people.

But one other thing, despite wanting to encourage more inter-faith dialogue, I will never let anyone to unfairly criticise Israel without bringing them to task.

I will be a representative of the local community, as well as the Jewish community at the local level.

The full list of candidates standing for 3 borough councillor seats in Totteridge:

  • Ash Auld, Green Party
  • Michael Cole, Liberal Democrats
  • Brian Coleman, Independent
  • Alison Cornelius, Conservatives
  • Richard Cornelius, Conservatives
  • Keith Fraser, UKIP
  • Sheila Gottsche, Liberal Democrats
  • Deborah, Heneghan, Labour
  • George Linskey, Independent
  • Donald Lyven, Labour
  • Richard Parkinson, Green Party
  • Robert Persad, Labour
  • Caroline Stock, Conservatives
  • Janice Turner, Liberal Democrats

Click here for a full list of Barnet candidates


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