REVEALED: The hate-filled Twitter racists posing as anti-Zionists

REVEALED: The hate-filled Twitter racists posing as anti-Zionists

Jack Mendel is the Online Editor at the Jewish News.

By Jack Mendelblogger and International Relations & Politics graduate

Jack Mendel
Jack Mendel

Regardless of one’s opinions on Israel, there has been a worrying growth in the number of people calling for death to Jews due to Israel’s actions.

In recent weeks, the growing escalation in violence in Israel and the Palestinian territories has offered a juicy opportunity for people to come out from the cracks under the floorboards, and call for Hitler’s return.

‏This mainly manifests on social media, but it is important to expose these people for what they are. They may claim to be opposers of Israel, but be assured they are haters of Jews.

These are people with wholly insincere support for the Palestinians. They hate Jews.

‏I will name a shame a few here.

‏When people are on Twitter, it seems they are more inclined to say things, with the knowledge they can hide behind a screen. Report and condemn these idiots.


‏I think this guy has a fetish for Hitler?

‏And a few more:


But it isn’t only on twitter either. ‏There are lots of hateful racist anti-Jewish Nazi themed facebook posts too! This particular collation is from an Al-Jazeera post:  
 ‏Another deleted tweet. You see, when people get caught, they back peddle. Fortunately, I am quick to take a picture. ‏

In fact, it seems to be a very popular quote. ‏Lot’s of people seem to dislike Jews, except of course when they use images of Jews waving Palestinian flags. ‏Let’s just hope the Hitler praising – Jew hating pro Palestinian activists, never have to come into contact with their Jewish Pro Palestinian counterparts. 

That could be pretty awkward, and who knows, it may even expose certain people for who they really are. ‏Some even thought it was worth starting a hashtag for. Yep #HitlerWasRight has landed.

‏Or this one? #HitlerDidNothingWrong. ‏

Be under no illusion though of course. ‏There are plenty of morally grounded people, who genuinely do have a legitimate criticism of Israel.

‏There are Jews that oppose Israel for political, moral and religious reasons. There is nothing wrong with legitimately criticising Israel, Jewish, Muslim, Martian for all I care.

‏The problem is those that use Israel as an excuse to call for another Jewish Holocaust. Those that pose as UN Human right’s activists, but would happily see Jews rounded up and sent back ho.. oh wait.

‏This uncovers some of the REAL reasons behind such virulent anti Israel sentiment, especially in Europe; which is as we all know, a continent which has never had a problem with hating and killing Jews.

‏It is becoming increasingly fashionable to conflate Jews; all Jews, with Israel for racists out there. ‏The BNP youth video during the most recent election campaign of course did this. ‏They claimed that the degradation of the white race was due to the unholy alliance of bankers, the ‘heartless zionists’, and cultural Marxists.

‏Sound familiar? Capitalists, communists and Zionists. Not a hundred or more years ago the same arguments were made. The Jewish banker. The Jewish-Bolshieviks. The Internationalist, disloyal Jew.

‏For the racists around, there is no distinction between Zionists and Jews. They see them as one and the same, and they hate because of their ignorance.

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