OPINION: Results day – what next?

OPINION: Results day – what next?

Yavneh College students after receiving their results
Yavneh College students after receiving their results
Josh Rom

by Josh Rom, Nottingham University

So it’s results day, you are either celebrating right now or you are in need of a large hug.

Whatever the outcome you have a long road ahead and it seems like ages before you can even imagine yourself attending university.

Here are my top tips for preparing for the most amazing time of your life.

1. Don’t Panic. If you didn’t get the results you want, there are options. What I would suggest is let it all out, take some time to cry, take a breather and gather your thoughts. You are going to need a clear mind in order to think rationally about what do in the future, whether to retake, gap year whatever you decide you cannot go back on these decisions. There are options for you and these results are not the end of the road. I didn’t necessarily get my first choice university, instead I got my second but I am so much happier because of it. Nottingham has given me opportunities that my first choice university could have never given me and has literally changed my life. Everything happens for a reason so stay calm and focused.

2. Brace yourselves. After the decision is made/ the result has been received and you know your destination, it has sunk in, the real question is; What Next? Well prepare yourselves because you are going to have a plethora of items you need to sort out. Accommodation, student loans, registration, student cards, furniture, kitchen utensils if you are staying in self catered accommodation; the list goes on and on. I would suggest you write yourself a checklist and focus on one item at a time. It will seem like ages before university but the last months of summer fly buy and before you know it, its fresher’s week. Keep up so you can stay ahead of the game. Don’t over think, just go with the flow. Parents don’t rush your children; they will eventually get things done.

3. Do your research. When you get to university it will seem like the most daunting experience of your life. Campus is huge and there are hundreds of societies to join. Well I would suggest you do your research of the university and students union so you have an idea about the sorts of things to expect at university especially in terms of social life. In terms of JSoc all will become clear when you are at university but do join the Facebook groups. It’s a well-known secret that the different JSoc’s are in a fun competition with each other about who can get the most members on their Facebook groups (Especially in the Jew-ni’s!). It’s also a good place to gather with like-minded people who are in the same situation as you are and all want to know the same things.

So those are a few of my tips, stay focused, keep calm but do celebrate too, you are off to university! Relish in this process, there is nothing like it and be prepared for the next years will be the best of your life!

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