OPINION: I am international. We are international.

OPINION: I am international. We are international.

Noam Yossef, Sheffield student
Noam Yossef, Sheffield student

By Noam Yossef, Sheffield student  

Noam Yossef, Sheffield student
Noam Yossef, Sheffield student

One of the biggest and more successful campaigns ran in my university was called ‘We are international’.

It brought people together, from all different cultures and parts of the world to say loud and clear-we are international.

Whether we have a group of friends from university with a different background, one of our family members lives abroad or we went travelling and experienced a whole new world, it is undeniable different cultures influence our views and beliefs. 

I am an international student, born in Israel, raised in Romania, studied in an international school and now I live and study in Sheffield.

My friends are spread around the globe. Being part of an international community and having been exposed from an early age to so many cultures shaped who I am today.

11126914_969853946392891_3507540639076146257_nFor the past 32 years, every summer, over 400 Jewish students and young professionals gather for a one-of-a-kind experience of workshops and sessions in countless topics relevant to the Jewish community worldwide.

Summer-U offers an opportunity for education, social activities, day trips, parties, tours and much more. 

 It is the only program that shows education and fun can be combined, and takes place on the sunny beaches of Portugal! 

Last April, I had the opportunity to represent UJS in a week long seminar organised by the European Union of Jewish Students (EUJS). The reason I am involved in the international Jewish community and specifically with EUJS, is because I believe diversity is one of the most important things a community should have.

I believe having discussions with people of similar interests, who come from a completely different culture than me is what brings a real debate to life.

This interaction triggers a deeper understanding of topics, but also of us as young curious human beings. 

I believe that having a greater presence of Jewish students from the UK is a necessary part of ensuring a greater success of this year’s Summer-U. We need a bigger input, we need you on board.

Therefore, I’d strongly suggest to all my fellow students to have a look, read about what this amazing program has to offer and join the biggest event of the summer to ensure Summer-U benefits from as much diversity as possible. 

We are international. 


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