OPINION: As UKIP candidate I want to dispel myths and help protect our Jewish way of life

OPINION: As UKIP candidate I want to dispel myths and help protect our Jewish way of life

Keith Fraser
Keith Fraser

By Keith Fraser 

I decided to join UKIP after being a member of the Tory party.  I became disillusioned with the mainstream parties, by their lies, double standards and hypocrisy. I could see that the gradual removal of sovereignty to the EU was a major issue so decided to join UKIP.  It is a party that has come under a lot of unfair criticism, due to media irresponsibility, and similar to Israel in a way, which is also a cause I am known to defend with passion.

I can assure you UKIP is a party for immigrants, but is simply against not being allowed, due to central tenets of the EU, to control our borders, which is simple economics.  You can’t plan a wedding if you don’t know how many people will turn up.

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UKIP made the headlines: Accused of bigotry and intolerance when the backed a ban on shechita

In terms of the Jewish community, I can tell you, I would defend our people with passion.  There has been a massive rise in anti-semitism, and none more so than in the Hackney North & Stoke Newington constituency I am standing, where there is an enormous Jewish population. 

This is down to the media and the rise in the far left, but the way to counter it is to be proud and steadfast, and I will always do that, to try and defeat Diane Abbott, who has been the MP here for 28 years.

There is also the issue of Shechita.  Sadly, this is an issue being talked about in all parties, with ignorance. 

I can understand that the average non-Jewish person is more likely to listen the RSPCA and the British Veterinary Association who say that non-stun slaughter is cruel.  But again, it is our duty to ensure people understand the our method sets out to be the most humane. 

The only way to do that is again, to dispel myths, to educate, and I, given the opportunity will do that, to again help protect our Jewish way of life.

We know that Jewish people do have some friends in Westminster, but, we have to continue to be heard. 

David Cameron, has shown himself to be a friend of our community.  Ed Miliband as a Jew himself, in my eyes falls well short of sticking up for his own, and Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems, the least said the better. 

Thus, the only way we can ensure Jewish interests in this country, is to vote for people you know will stick by us unequivocally. 

We should judge someone by their actions and not their words.  I have always put my head above the parapet for our community, and will continue to do so.  So for Jewish issues, you have to vote for the individual, and not necessarily the party. 

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