Online trolls should be ‘named and shamed’ says Tory MP

Online trolls should be ‘named and shamed’ says Tory MP

Sir David Amess called for the names and addresses of abusive online users to publicised

David Amess
David Amess

Online trolls who bombard people with abuse should be named and shamed by having their addresses printed, a Tory MP has said.

The call comes amid growing concern about threats posted on the internet and after Joshua Bonehill-Paine, 24, was found guilty of harassing Labour MP Luciana Berger (Liverpool Wavertree) in a string of anti-Jewish rants.

Sir David Amess (Southend West) urged the Government to tighten the law and crack down on offenders.

Speaking in the Commons during questions to the Attorney General, he said: “Will you look very carefully at the law relating to abusive and offensive online posts?

“Often when I look at these remarks, particularly when someone has died, it is quite incredible that newspapers seem to host these posts when I think these cowards should have their names and addresses printed along with the offensive posts.”

Solicitor General Robert Buckland QC said: “You raise a proper point of increasing concern. Can I assure you that anonymity, perceived or real, is not an escape route for perpetrators?

“The use of false online profiles and websites still mean they are traceable, and these people can and will be pursued, just like the appalling individual who earlier this week was convicted of offences arising from a racist campaign against the honourable member for Liverpool Wavertree.”

Attorney General Jeremy Wright QC took a break from representing the Government at its Article 50 appeal at the Supreme Court to take part in the question session.

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