Oldest Manchester deli closing is ‘end of an era’

Oldest Manchester deli closing is ‘end of an era’

Titanics kosher store closed its doors last week, after the community was 'taken over' by big supermarket chains

Manchester’s oldest kosher deli finally closed its doors last week as the grandson of the founder described “the end of an era”.

The deli, called Titanics, was named after the ill-fated ocean liner because its founder, Joseph Hyman, survived the famous sinking.

Last week his grandson Stanley said: “It is a very sad day and the end of an era in Manchester. The community has been taken over by the big supermarket chains. At Pesach, for example, the supermarkets sell everything for less than half the price, so everybody started to go there because it was cheaper.”

Russian-born Joseph Hyman left for New York to escape anti-Semitic pogroms, but was dropped off in Glasgow instead. It later transpired that many Jews experienced something similar, so making their home in the UK.

Hyman tried his luck again in 1912, and got third-class tickets on the Titanic. He was one of the few fortunate enough to get into a lifeboat.

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