Ofcom: radio station that aired Shoah denial ‘illegal’

Ofcom: radio station that aired Shoah denial ‘illegal’

London-based Omega Radio broadcast an obscene interview filled with antisemitic slurs and Shoah denial.

A London radio station accused of broadcasting Holocaust denial has been operating illegally, according to broadcaster regulator Ofcom.

Omega Radio 104.1 FM played a 30 minute excerpt from an interview of someone claiming to be “Rabbi Abe Finkelstein” from off “the East Coast of the US”.

The segment, presented by King Lion, appeared on Omega Radio on 17 February, which calls itself “London’s finest Reggae Radio Station”.

It was first reported and shared online by the Israel Advocacy Group, which branded it “the most outrageous antisemitism ever broadcast on British airwaves.”

“Rabbi Finkelstein is as I said a rabbi off the East Coast of the United States”, said the unidentified presenter. “I’m filling in for Pastor Bob tonight.”

He continues: “I don’t like you or your race.

“You see, there’s a big topic that’s going around on this 6 million Holocaust that took place during WW2 of the Jews at Buchenwald, Auschwitz, and different places.

“A lot of information has been coming out here, Rabbi Finkelstein, that it’s all myth and it’s all conjecture. Can I have your view on this?”

Rabbi Finkelstein replied: “Well everybody knows that the Jews never told a lie in the history of the world.

“However, whether it’s 6 million or 600,000 or 6000, it’s just a number.”

Ofcom spokesperson: “This organisation does not hold an Ofcom licence and so was broadcasting illegally.

“We investigate all reports of illegal broadcasting and, while it appears that the station is no longer on-air, we will be monitoring the situation closely.”

It is illegal to broadcast without a licence and anyone doing so is committing a criminal offence and could face up to two years’ imprisonment, an unlimited fine or both.

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