Now and pen! A year of cartoons…

Now and pen! A year of cartoons…

A tinfoil look back at the year through the eyes of our resident illustrator Paul Solomons

As Jewish News’ resident cartoonist, Paul Solomons is programmed to see the funny side of things, be they good, bad or inscrutable.

His perspective on news and politics gives  us all a laugh each week.
In terms of inspiration, he was spoilt for choice.

“The Brexit campaign and aftermath has been a cartoonist’s dream,” he says.

“It had everything that you would normally expect to find in a biblical epic, a Shakespearean play, or a Hollywood blockbuster.

“And it’s the story that keeps on giving. It hasn’t been as much fun being a cartoonist since the horsemeat scandal.

“I thought the Olympics were great, too. Not many Jews on the podium, but setting off late is in our genes, so I suppose that’s to be expected.”

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