Norwood given £120,000 to boost new disability sports programme

Norwood given £120,000 to boost new disability sports programme

1 NORWOOD2The City of London Corporation has given more than £120,000 to Norwood to boost the Jewish charity’s new programme to bring more people with learning disabilities into sports.

City Bridge Trust, the Corporation’s charitable arm, gave £121,000 for Norwood’s ‘Change the Game’ programme, which helps those aged 14 years and over to pursue sports, often at elite level.

“This funding will enable us to work with people who want to take part in international sports challenges, the Special Olympics, or to find a job in the industry,” said Norwood’s Pauline Smith.

“Through the delivery of this project, we will support people to embed sports into their everyday lives.”

The grant will help deliver the final stages of the programme, which offers sports sessions in parks and sports centres to 400 participants within a range of levels. It also covers the cost of training and coaching 15 individuals within the sports field.

“Lack of suitable provision and access can create barriers for people with learning disabilities and reduce their chances of enjoying sports or even pursuing a career in competitive sport,” said Jeremy Mayhew, chairman of the City Bridge Trust.

“The necessary facilities, a supportive environment, and access to specialist training can make a vital and positive difference.”

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