Norwegian Jews ‘more active than ever’

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Norwegian Jews ‘more active than ever’

Chief Rabbi, Joav Melchior, says the country's small community has 'more Torah classes than ever' owing to online learning

Norway's Chief Rabbi
Norway's Chief Rabbi

Norway’s Chief Rabbi, Joav Melchior, has said the country’s small Jewish community, which comprises around 1,000 members, was “more active than ever, if virtually”. 

Around 700 Jews are based in the capital, Oslo, and Melchior said: “We have more Torah classes than ever; every evening we have a class for people to listen to. We have committees who continue working. 

“Celebrating together will be just before Shabbat and just after Shabbat. We have songs for kids, others for adults, which people can attend either through Zoom or live-streaming, where we can sing together… In that way, we try to build the life we can continue as before.” 

He said this year’s annual communal seder for around 120 people has been cancelled; instead, the community has organised a group to deliver food for the seder to people’s homes. “As they say [in Ethics of Our Fathers 2:16], ‘It’s not on you to finish 

the task, but neither can you quit it.’ “This is always the case, but we feel it more this year, that we do our best, but in the end we’re in the hands  of someone higher.” 

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