Nixon’s Mid East policy fears about ‘Jew’ Kissinger

Nixon’s Mid East policy fears about ‘Jew’ Kissinger

A new book based on Richard Nixon’s White House tapes has revealed his concerns about Henry Kissinger’s Jewish faith and the effect this may have on America’s foreign policy.

‘The Nixon Tapes’ by historians Douglas Brinkley and Luke A. Nichter is based on more than 3,700 ho111urs of tape from inside the West Wing, which reveal the controversial president’s most sensitive discussions with aides.

In one such exchange, Nixon is heard telling his advisors John Ehrlichman and Bob Haldeman that Kissinger was upset about a forthcoming newspaper article on his Jewish faith.

This prompts the trio to discuss the impact his Jewish identity on US policy, with Haldeman saying: “It’s wrong for the country for American policy in the Middle East to be made by a Jew,” to which Nixon answers: “That’s right.

Haldeman adds: “He ought to recognize that, because then, if anything goes wrong… they’re going to say it’s because a goddamn Jew did it rather than blame Americans.” Again, Nixon is heard agreeing, saying: “That’s right.”

It comes as Kissinger himself is revealed as declaring the fate of Soviet Jews to be “none of our business”.

In an exchange with the president, Kissinger says: “I’m Jewish myself, but who are we to complain about Soviet Jews? It’s none of our business how they treat their people.”

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