Nir Bitton hits out at “idiots” who abuse him for being Israeli

Nir Bitton hits out at “idiots” who abuse him for being Israeli

Midfielder says he's tired of online trolls who claim he supports the death of children

Celtic midfielder Nir Bitton has hit out at football supporters who abuse him online for being Israeli.

Saying he’s fed up of internet trolls, who say he supports the death of children, the 26-year-old Israeli international took to his Instagram account to say: “I’m just tired of replying to idiots who insult me because I’m Israeli so I’m not gonna reply anymore! Just a shame for the people who insult me for such a thing like that.

“As a father if you guys think I support the death of children or any human being then you are nothing but idiots!!! “I’m all up for the banter but not when you guys texting my wife’s Instagram.

“I’m getting abuse for a while so I just felt that I had to say that. Don’t mix football and politics, you are better than that. Love you all.”

Having suffered abuse from a section of the club’s supporters in the past, he was told earlier this month to leave the club after he congratulated Israeli Netta Barzilai for winning the Eurovision. A troll replied “F*** you,” followed by, “Out our club!”, before Bitton replied saying: “Haha shut the f*** up…I’ll be here till my last second of my contract.”

Bitton took to Instagram to hit back at the online trolls


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