A new you!

A new you!

Brigit Grant has the products for your beauty renaissance

Brigit Grant is the Jewish News Supplements Editor

With a New Year comes the chance to reinvigorate, repair and reveal a new you. It’s a good time to throw out that old face cream which doesn’t deliver results, sort out the dark circles under your eyes, big up your lips and boost your brows.  Remember it usually takes 28 days to get maximum results from a new skincare regime, but a new product can also be a wake-up call for skin that has become impervious to your favourite brand. Here are some recommendations to kick start the process.


Stay away from soap they say, but fail to suggest an alternative. Daily Cleansing Ritual from MOA (£17.50) is that thing and it is ideal for oily, acne-prone skin as well as dry and sensitive skin types. The  50ml  pot of Green Balm made from yarrow, tea tree oil and beeswax comes in an eco-friendly tube with a soft bamboo face cloth  to give skin a balancing deep cleanse, remove excess oils and impurities. Apply the balm as paste, steam with warm water on the cloth then finish with cold water to seal the pores. daily-cleansing-ritual-glass

available from moa.london instore at Fenwick’s and Planet Organic.

Arbonne products were once only available through a sales agent, but now you can get them at arbonne.com and they really produce results. My sister turned me on to Arbonne when I noticed  her face was glowing with good health and now I use the Nourishing Facial Oil (£59) which is for city dwellers as it provides a protective barrier against pollution. It lasts forever as you only use 1-2 drops and can be added to moisturiser. You too can glow like my sis.


The name Estee Lauder speaks for itself and her grand daughter Aerin now runs a tight ship producing things like the miraculous wrinkle lifting serum  Perfectionist. House of Fraser are currently focused on skin improvement and are selling  Estee Lauder’s Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-Aging Creme (50ml £68) which is for the mature woman who wants help with lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness, dullness, dehydration and  Lauder`s exclusive IntuiGen Technology hydrates, firms and smooths. Oh and younger women can use it too.


Eyes & Brows

Use an eye cream is one of the ten commandments of beauty and right now Resultime 5 Expertise Eye Cream by Collin Paris (£37.) is the one to try. I’m never sure what the unique formula is in any cream, but this one deals with dark circles, puffiness, fatpockets, wrinkles and sagging. I’ve only used it for a few weeks but the lines are less pronounced and it is very cooling after a day on the computer. resultime.co.uk


Like all informed women I’m currently obsessed with the US elections and eyebrows. I do get them dyed, but when that fades I rely on WunderBrow D-Fine. All the Wunder products perform and this dual-ended  specially angled pencil for defining, filling and extending is their newest. With it you can create those ultra-fine hair-like strokes which mimic real brows. Soft or bold brows – it does both  and it has  a tinted soft hold gel for grooming and setting. Wunder2.co.uk



Not everyone aspires to looking like Kylie Jenner, but they wouldn’t mind having her lips. Like all Kardashians hers are cosmetically enhanced, but you could try Fillerina Lip Volume which is the latest addition to the revolutionary no-needle, dermo-cosmetic, filler-treatment line for home use and it’s being sold at M&S online and cultbeauty.co.uk. Containing hyaluronic acids which plump and smooth,  it comes in a rollerball applicator that has enough gel to use five times a day for a month. You have to use it for 3 months to notice the full effect, but initially it just improves definition. It is also available in two dosage, dosage 2 (£47.50) being the stronger. Start with dosage 1 and watch those lips.


Loved by the cast of TOWIE (males too no doubt) Plump It! £19.99)is also a lip volumiser that goes on under lipstick or without and lasts for hours rather than months. When my friend tried it she yelled as it stung, but I didn’t find it so and the warming sensation enhances the blood flow in your lips. Fuller and softer the volumising lip plumper which gives instantly fuller and softer lips. www.plump-it.complump-it-single-pack





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