New student leadership team meet chief rabbi

New student leadership team meet chief rabbi

The meetings were held to see how the community can best support Jewish life on campus

Jack Mendel is the Online Editor at the Jewish News.

The UJS team with Rabbi Mirvis
The UJS team with Rabbi Mirvis

Jewish students met two communal leaders during a training programme this week.

The new Union of Jewish Students team met with Chief Rabbi Mirvis and Masorti Judaism’s Jonathan Wittenberg, to discuss how Jewish life can be supported on campus.

The student leaders met them at their homes as part of the ‘Chazon’ training programme, which will see the them also hold talks with figures from Reform and Liberal Judaism.

During the two meetings on Tuesday, Rabbi Mirvis spoke about the Torah’s view on ‘baseless hatred’,  whilst Rabbi Wittenberg addressed the issue of negative speech.

They both then focused  on a message of communal cohesion – encouraging students of all denominations to be accepted on campus.

Rabbi Mirvis tweeted after the meeting that “Wonderful opportunities await Jewish students on campus.”

UJS told Jewish News the rabbis “words were inspirational for the new team, who are committed to supporting Jewish students in building cross-communal spaces that welcome students of all denominations on their campuses.”

Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg told Jewish News, he was “delighted” to meet the “wonderful” team. He said: “It’s an essential responsibility to support them in furthering Jewish life and learning on campus’ across the country, and to stand in solidarity with them wherever there is anti-Semitism.”

The student team is due to meet rabbis from Reform and Liberal Judaism on August 15.

The UJS team with Rabbi Wittenberg
The UJS team with Rabbi Wittenberg
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