Awards scheme for interfaith work launched by UJS

Awards scheme for interfaith work launched by UJS

B25vPY6IAAAKE0WA new award is to be launched by the Union of Jewish Students (UJS) for Jewish Societies and student leaders, who create innovative and impactful interfaith work.UJS

Thanks to generous support from the community, UJS can now recognise dedicated and talented student leaders with prize funds for being nominated for interfaith awards. 

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Students will be nominated from their local Students’ Union or UJS Student Awards, and these funds are to be used for building on their interfaith project with further exciting and meaningful activity, bringing together students from various faith communities. 

Some of the people and projects receiving awards this year are as follows: 

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Joel Salmon

Joel Salmon (St. Andrews) for winning the Interfaith Award from St. Andrew’s University Student Association for their Interfaith conference:  80 Jewish, Muslim and Christian students came together at St Andrews for a day of historical, political and religious discussion — themed under “Co-existence in the Middle East”. 

He said “The interfaith conference we delivered is testament to the desire of people to come together when it matters and to build a platform from which to deal with difficult issues. We hope to build on the success of this conference and further develop the relationships between the societies.

Also being awarded is Ben Kasstan [Durham J-Soc/Muslim-Jewish Forum], and who also won the UJS Interfaith Award in 2013.

Ben Kasstan, Durham University said “not only is interfaith engagement a way of exploring the similarities and differences between Jewish and non-Jewish communities, but it is an opportunity to open channels of communication over increasingly complex and global issues – perhaps having a direct impact on our sense of security as being part of a minority group.” 

A number of Jewish societies also have been awarded for particular projects.

Bristol, Exeter, Saul Kohn and Cambridge are also to be awarded for various projects. 

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