New Polish Holocaust memorial made of gravestones

New Polish Holocaust memorial made of gravestones

From the story of Jewish copper to the tall tales of election-rigging, we go from Alaska to Zimbabwe to bring you the latest in Jewish news – dated 1 September


The new Holocaust memorial in the Jewish cemetery in Serock, Poland, using headstones toppled during WWII

An 18th century Jewish cemetery in the Polish town of Serock has been rededicated after American Jewish groups erected a Holocaust memorial (pictured) made up of headstones toppled during the Second World War. Serock was once home to a thriving Jewish community but it now has no Jewish residents.

United States

American football commentator Hank Bauer has been banned for one game for an offensive joke at the expense of his Jewish co-host Josh Lewin. As the two joked about Lewin staying to get his money’s worth, Bauer said copper wire was invented when a penny dropped between Josh and his family member.


Fresh from last year’s accusations that it rigged elections in Zimbabwe, Israeli security company Nikuv International is now charged with rigging elections in Botswana. Local press report a team of Israelis working ‘round the clock’ to ensure a 70% landslide victory for the ruling Botswana Democratic Party.


Members of the ultra-Orthodox Lev Tahor group have been forced out of a lakeside village in Guatemala after cultural disputes with indigenous residents. The 230-member sect fled there after being accused of child abuse in Canada, where social workers found up to five children sleeping on urine-soaked mattresses.


A group of prominent Turkish Jews, including economists and journalists, have condemned Israel’s ‘aggression, militarism, expansionism and violence’ in an open letter. However, they also criticised the Turkish government for encouraging them to do so, saying Turkey’s Jews are not responsible for Israeli actions.


Australia’s opposition Labor Party has said it will vote to recognise Palestine as a state if it gets elected. Senior statesmen from Queensland and New South Wales have now joined former foreign minister Bob Carr in expressing wholehearted support for a statehood bid at the UN, saying it was ‘long overdue’.

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