New Muslim volunteering scheme inspired by Jewish model

New Muslim volunteering scheme inspired by Jewish model

Jewish Volunteering Network example has been successfully mirrored by Muslim community leaders who have launched a similar scheme.

Interfaith groups have heralded the project and resource allocation model used by the Jewish Volunteering Network which has inspired the launch of a Muslim equivalent.
The Muslim Community Create Volunteering Network, unveiled by Islamic leaders seated alongside Jewish and Christian figures, follows a similar launch earlier this year by Catholic charity Caritas, which also used JVN’s model.
Julie Siddiqi, the founder of the Ansar Volunteering Network and former director of the Islamic Society of Britain, praised the way the Jewish community mobilised volunteers, and thanked JVN’s Leonie Lewis for her support.
“I have seen how the Jewish and other communities are so committed to volunteering and how much difference that makes to those involved and to those they help,” said Siddiqi. “Faith-inspired volunteering is something we should all be excited about.”
Among those attending the launch were serial Jewish entrepreneur and Collaboration House founder Maurice Ostro, and Anne Comber, a director at children’s charity Barnardos, who committed to working with Ansar in the future.
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