New book reveals postal history of Holocaust refugees

New book reveals postal history of Holocaust refugees

A new book that tells the story of the postal history of refugees from the Nazis gives a fascinating insight into how Jews living under Hitler managed to keep up communications with loved ones when families were being torn apart.

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The letters, postcards and envelopes contained in the newly-published Fleeing from the Fuhrer provide an emotional and eye-opening look at some of the postal history from the Holocaust. The items include postal communications to and from concentration camp inmates and other documents reflecting the plight of Jews under Hitler.



The book, written by British historian Charmian Brinson, together with one-time German refugee to England, William Kaczinski, contains a precious collection of letters, passes, and other documents – some official and others not – written and issued in the years between 1938 and 1950. Most were to or from German and Austrian Jews who fled Nazism, often one step ahead of the authorities, in their search for places of safety.


The only lifeline these refugees had was short postcards and letters (see below) to let each other know they were still alive.

Fleeing from the Führer: A Postal History of Refugees from the Nazis by Charmian Brinson and William Kaczynski, published 3 March 2015, £14.99 Paperback.

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