New Belmont eruv gets green light in only 18 months

New Belmont eruv gets green light in only 18 months

A new eruv around Belmont United Synagogue in Stanmore has been given the green light just 18 months after the idea was first floated.

The eruv, which encircles at least 4,000 homes, has now been awarded a hechsher by the London Beth Din after first being announced to the Belmont community at Pesach 2012.

All the funds needed were raised over 12 months and consents and approvals were obtained in May.

Project chairman Anthony Broza said: “Our eruv has been created, funded and constructed at breathtaking speed, demonstrating Belmont community’s desire to have an eruv as part of its religious infrastructure. We hope it will draw new, young families into our community and enable us to grow.”

The eruv is an extension of the southern border of the Stanmore Synagogue eruv and the two shuls will co-fund and run the eruv together.

Belmont’s Rabbi Elchonon Feldman heralded an “extraordinary achievement”.

He said: “So many people and organisations have worked in partnership to allow this triumph. We look forward to utilising Shabbat in an all-encompassing and inclusive way.”

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