Netanyahu to “thank” Trump for Embassy move

Netanyahu to “thank” Trump for Embassy move

Israeli Prime Minister on his way to US, where he will also discuss Iranian nuclear issue with President

Benjamin Netanyahu
Benjamin Netanyahu

Benjamin Netanyahu flew out to the US on Saturday night, where he will meet US President Donald Trump and thank him for taking the decision to move its embassy in May.

Confirming that he will also discuss the Iranian nuclear issue as well as the country’s behaviour in the region, part of his trip will also see him speak at the annual AIPAC policy conference.

Calling the trip “a very important visit”, he said: “I’m going there on behalf of all citizens of Israel, as I understand it, to achieve three goals: Security, peace and economic prosperity for all citizens of Israel, for our country.

“I will meet with a very great friend of Israel, and my personal friend, U.S. President Donald Trump. First of all, I will thank him for the historic decision to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem on Independence Day. This is a very big present for our country.”

Prior to boarding his flight, the Israeli PM also said he didn’t foresee an early election – which the head of Kulanu, Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon has threatened he will initiate if the budget isn’t passed soon. He said: “There is no reason for it to happen and with goodwill it won’t. I have goodwill, and hope our partners do as well.”

He also said he expected his government to remain in place until the next scheduled election date in November 2019.

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