Netanyahu defends Nation State Law despite Arab-Jewish protests

Netanyahu defends Nation State Law despite Arab-Jewish protests

Israeli prime minister says Palestinian flags flying at the Tel Aviv protest this week was 'conclusive evidence' of the need for the law

Benjamin Netanyahu
Benjamin Netanyahu

Israel’s prime minister has criticised the presence of Palestinian flags at a protest against a contentious new law defining the country as a Jewish state.

Benjamin Netanyahu told the Cabinet on Sunday that Palestinian flags “flying in the heart of Tel Aviv” was “conclusive evidence” that many protesters oppose Israel’s existence, and proves the law is necessary.

Thousands rallied in Tel Aviv on Saturday against the contentious law.

Some Arab protesters waved Palestinian flags and others held signs reading “equality”.

It was the second major protest against the law in recent weeks.

Supporters of the law say it enshrines the country’s existing character as a Jewish state.

But critics say it undermines Israeli democracy and sidelines the country’s non-Jewish minorities.

Approximately 20% of Israelis are Arab.

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