Neo-Nazi teen jailed over terror content guide

Neo-Nazi teen jailed over terror content guide

Jacek Tchorzewski, who had promoted the far-right Sonnenkrieg Division group was sent down at the Old Bailey after his arrest in February

Old Bailey
Old Bailey

A Polish neo-Nazi teenager interested in ethnic cleansing has been jailed for four years for possessing a guide to making a machine gun and other terrorist content.

Jacek Tchorzewski, 18, who promoted UK neo-Nazi group Sonnenkrieg Division, was sent down at the Old Bailey last week after his February arrest at Luton Airport.

He was found to have a number of terrorism manuals, including one that gave step-by-step instructions on how to make a working automatic pistol, and others that advised on making improvised explosives. He pleaded guilty at a hearing in June.

Among the content recovered from his phone was a photo of Tchorzewski holding a Nazi flag and doing a Nazi salute. An audio file titled “Ethnic cleansing” was also found pointing to his interest in far-right ideology.

Tchorzewski was also found to have a collection of writings by a prominent US neo-Nazi who advocates political violence and attacks by individuals acting alone.

“It is worrying that someone this young chose to become a neo-Nazi and download terrorist how-to guides,” said Jenny Hopkins, head of the Special Crime and Counter Terrorism Division at the Crown Prosecution Service.

Prosecutor Naomi Parsons said his mindset was “reflected” by the neo-Nazi and occult books he possessed, including a Satanist text.

She said this demonstrated a “marked fixation with blood, the sexualisation of violence, a paedophilic projection of adult sexuality onto children, and with achieving National Socialist political goals through political violence and acts of terrorism”.

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