Nazi paedophile who urged killing of Jews faces life in jail over MP murder plot

Nazi paedophile who urged killing of Jews faces life in jail over MP murder plot

Incredible details have emerged of how Jack Renshaw’s far-right plans were reported to anti-racism charity HOPE Not Hate

Jack Renshaw at a National Action rally. Photo credit: GMP/PA Wire
Jack Renshaw at a National Action rally. Photo credit: GMP/PA Wire

A 23-year old neo-Nazi who urged the killing of all Jews now faces life behind bars for plotting to kill his local MP and a female police officer.

Jack Renshaw, a baby-faced bigot from Lancashire, was this week also revealed to be a convicted paedophile who groomed two young boys online, after reporting restrictions were lifted following his fourth trial in two years.

Incredible details have emerged of how Renshaw’s plans were reported to HOPE Not Hate, an anti-fascist organisation, by one of Renshaw’s National Action colleagues – a far-right ideologue who grew disillusioned with the group.

Renshaw told a group of fellow far-right activists at a pub in 2017 that he planned to kill his local MP Rosie Cooper with a machete, and kill a female police officer at the same time.

In details revealed by HOPE Not Hate, one member of the group suggested that he target a synagogue instead. The man who later turned into a “mole” said he protested this plan, saying there would be children in the synagogue.

To this, Renshaw said: “Whether you kill an old Jew or a young Jew, you don’t say when you are exterminating vermin ‘oh look, it’s just a baby bit of vermin, it’s a baby rat or a baby Jew, you just kill vermin.’”

Renshaw was earlier jailed for three years for inciting racial hatred after he told a Blackpool crowd in March 2016 that Jews were “parasites” and that Britain took the wrong side in the Second World War because it didn’t pursue Hitler’s final solution.

During a speech in Yorkshire a month earlier, he said Hitler was “right in many senses” but wrong to “show mercy to people who did not deserve mercy,” adding that Jews should be “eradicated”.

During the police investigation following his arrest for those comments, officers found evidence on his phone that he had been grooming boys as young as 13 online, offering cash for sex and explicit photos. He was handed a 16-month sentence for inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.

While facing those charges, he entered a pub in Warrington in July 2017, and told trusted far-right friends – including National Action thug-turned-informer Robbie Mullen – that he had already bought a 19 inch machete and planned to kill Cooper imminently as part of what he called “white jihad”.

Mullen told HOPE Not Hate, which alerted Cooper and the police, sparking a counter-terrorism investigation. Mullen stood as state witness during two trials and now lives under a different identity following threats to his life.

Renshaw told the men in the pub – several of whom were later convicted of membership of a banned organisation – that he planned to kill Cooper and the female detective by slashing their throats, then commit “suicide by cop” by charging at officers while wearing a fake suicide belt.

The full details of his past convictions and murder plans, including his internet searches for how best to cut the jugular, emerged after Renshaw’s latest trial at the Old Bailey finished on Tuesday.

Renshaw has long been on the Jewish community’s radar. Following the Government’s ban of National Action in December 2016, he tweeted that “the Jews will learn that they can ban an organisation but they cannot ban an idea”.

Earlier that year, Yorkshire Police investigated Renshaw’s comments, including: “We must not show the Jews any mercy. He is nature’s social vermin. He needs to be eradicated.”

At the time, National Action was not banned, and Renshaw was the group’s spokesman. Their videos warned that Brits were being “trampled underfoot by hook-nosed bankers and child-raping politicians,” while showing an image of Lord Janner.

Renshaw never managed to sexually abuse the boys he targeted.

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