Nazi loo roll on sale in ‘remarkably unused condition’

Nazi loo roll on sale in ‘remarkably unused condition’

The unusual offering issued to Nazi soldiers as a 'wartime luxury' is expected to reach hundreds of pounds

Stephen is the Jewish News' Foreign Editor

Nazi toilet paper is being offered for sale at an auction house in Dublin – thankfully in a “remarkably unused condition”.

The unusual offering is one of the rolls issued to the Wehmacht, or German Army, during World War Two and is expected to fetch up to £100 when bidders vie for it at Whyte’s on 17 September.

Described as a “wartime luxury,” the unopened roll of Edelweiss brand Klosettpapier (toilet paper) is part of a large selection of Nazi militaria now being brought to market by an unknown seller.

“The private collector’s raison d’etre in the early days was to try and collect the kit of the average World War Two soldier – everything from what he used for cleaning his gun to his butter dish,” said Whyte’s Head of Collectibles Stuart Purcell.

“It is fascinating that someone in 1945 would say: ‘We will put that toilet paper aside because someone will find that interesting in the future.’ You would have thought it would have been used during the war.”

Among the other items being sold are helmets belonging to soldiers from the Waffen SS, a dagger used by Nazi railway police officers, a Hitler Youth knife with a blade inscribed “Blud und Ehre!” (blood and honour), and a Wehrmacht raincoat.

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