Author Naomi Klein’s new anti-Trump manifesto

Author Naomi Klein’s new anti-Trump manifesto

Canadian author's new book 'No Is Not Enough' is call to arms against corporate political takeover

Jewish Canadian author Naomi Klein has said she is penning an anti-Trump manifesto in a call to action against the new U.S. president.

Her latest book, called ‘No Is Not Enough,’ will be published in June, and in it she argues that Trump’s presidency amounts to a corporate coup d’état.

Klein, who has a huge fan base, has long been involved in activism, and said he latest book has been written at record speed, propelled by the need to organise politically in order to thwart Donald Trump’s administration.

“An unprecedented number of people are becoming engaged in movements and politics, which is the silver lining of Trump,” she told The Guardian.

“It is important to be able to step back from that barrage of news that we are overwhelmed with and think about how we got here, what we can expect, how things can get worse and think strategically how things can get better.”

Describing the rise of what she calls the cult of the “CEO saviour,” Klein says she has sought to understand “how we could have a human brand as the president of the United States, with a family of spin-off brands around, completely unable to distinguish his own personal identity from his corporate identity”.

Klein, who supports a boycott of Israel, came to global prominence in 2000, with her best-seller ‘No Logo,’ in which she attacked brand-oriented consumerism.

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