Naftali Bennett forms new party for Orthodox and secular right-wing Israelis

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Naftali Bennett forms new party for Orthodox and secular right-wing Israelis

Jewish Home head Naftali Bennett and his party leader Ayelet Shaked quit to form new alliance ahead of national elections.

Naftali Bennett
Naftali Bennett

Jewish Home Party head Naftali Bennett and party leader Ayelet Shaked have announced they will leave the party and form a new alliance ahead of national elections.

Bennett, who serves as education minister in Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-wing government, and Ayelet Shaked, who serves as justice minister announced the founding of Hayamin HaHadash, or The New Right, which they said would be a party based on a “full and equal partnership” between Orthodox and secular Israelis.

“The prime minister thinks religious Zionists are in his pocket and no matter how much he harms the religious Zionists they will continue to go along with him,” Bennett told reporters.

Justice minister Ayelet Shaked

Jewish Home lawmaker Shuli Moalem-Refaeli will join Bennett and Shaked in forming the new party. At least one-third of the current party lawmakers must form the new party in order for it to receive party funding for the coming election cycle. Bennett and Shaked said they would co-lead the new group.

The Knesset House Committee authorised the arrangement on Sunday.

The party list reportedly will alternate religious and secular candidates and its platform will oppose the creation of a Palestinian state.

Jewish Home is made up of several smaller Religious-Zionist parties, represented by the National Religious Party and the National Union. Bennett and Shaked have frequently butted heads with members of the small Tkuma Party, including current Jewish Home lawmaker Betzalel Smotrich.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. His Likud Party is expected to earn the right to form a new government after the 9 April elections.

Israeli media including the KAN national broadcaster are reporting, however, citing senior officials from the new party and Jewish Home, that Jewish Home and The New Right will form a bloc during coalition negotiations with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, should his Likud Party earn the right to form the new government after the 9 April elections, as is expected.

The split into two parties, the traditional Religious-Zionist party and one more welcoming to secular right-wingers, reportedly is designed to bring more votes into the right-wing fold.

Benny Gantz, the former chief of staff of the Israel Defence Forces, on Thursday registered his own political party, the Hosen LeYisrael party or, in English, the Israel Resilience Party.

Though it has not yet released an official party platform, it is said to be honing a centrist line. Former Defence Minister Moshe Yaalon, who it is believed will be popular with voters, is said to be in talks with Gantz to join his party’s list. Several polls have shown Gantz’s party coming in second to Likud.


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