MP of Palestinian origin had to ‘mansplain’ antisemitism to John McDonnell

MP of Palestinian origin had to ‘mansplain’ antisemitism to John McDonnell

Layla Moran criticises the shadow chancellor for not taking antisemitism seriously, and hits out at critics who say she's not a real Palestinian

Layla Moran
Layla Moran

An MP of Palestinian origin has said she “had to mansplain” antisemitism to shadow chancellor John McDonnell.

In a wide-ranging interview with the Evening Standard, Liberal Democrat politician Layla Moran said she was upset by posters calling Israel a racist endeavour, after Labour backed the international definition of antisemitism.

“The people who put it up were called London Palestine Action. As a Palestinian they don’t speak for me, and they are blatantly racist signs. “You don’t say a whole country is racist.

Criticising John McDonnell who said he’s “on a journey” learning about antisemitism, Moran, whose mother is a Palestinian Christian, mocks him, saying: “You’re 60 something years old, come on. If you haven’t realised by now that this is anti-Semitism no wonder there’s a problem in the Labour Party.”

During Jewish News’ exclusive interview with John McDonnell earlier this month, he said the antisemitism row has allowed ‘soul searching’ and “it’s been effective, and now we want a process of engagement, dialogue and discussion and hopefully agreement and consensus”.

Responding to criticism she has received for fighting Jew-hatred, she says “calling out anti-Semitism doesn’t make me any less Palestinian.

“There’s a nuance in the argument that has been lost and Corbyn not saying antisemitism is wrong has fuelled the problem. Some responsibility does lie at his door.”

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