MMFL/MGBSFL Invitation Trophy details

MMFL/MGBSFL Invitation Trophy details

Competing teams and draw for this season's tournament have been announced.

Andrew Sherwood is the Jewish News Sport and Community Editor

Last season's winners, Redbridge B
Last season's winners, Redbridge B

This season’s MMFL/MGBSFL Invitation Trophy will pit together four Masters sides, and four MGBSFL Division Two teams.

The quarter-final draw has already been made, with the Masters team playing host for each tie. While dates for all fixtures are yet to be confirmed, North London Raiders vs Temple Fortune will take place on 23 April. All matches will go straight to penalties if drawn.

Quarter-final draw:
* Brady Maccabi Masters VS North London Raiders C
* EDRS Stonegrove Masters VS Faithfold B
* North London Raiders Masters 3
Temple Fortune 3 (Raiders won 4-3 on pens)
* Scrabble Masters VS L’Equipe

The semi-finals are set for Sunday, 14 May, with the final set for a week later at Silver Jubilee Park, kick-off at 10am.

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