Milch looking forward to his return to the ring

Milch looking forward to his return to the ring

MILCH2Having had to endure a frustrating six months out injured, boxer Tony Milch is getting ready to re-enter the ring as he looks to maintain his 100 percent winning start to his fledgling career.

Next month’s fight at the Park Lane Hotel, at a sold-out dinner show to raise funds for the Michael Watson charity, will be the 33-year-old’s fifth, and having had to recuperate for the best part of half a year, he’s now raring to go.

Breaking his left hand in his last fight back in February, the light middleweight has had to bide his time. He says: “I would have had seven or eight fights behind me now but for the injury, but I’m now really looking forward to this next fight.

“I kept training really hard during my time out, kept active, and although I wasn’t able to punch, focussed on other areas. I did more strength work which I wouldn’t usually have done, so I didn’t let the injury get to me.

“I was also working – and still am – with a sports psychologist who helped me get through the fact [mentally] I was out for six months, now I’m at my fight weight and raring to go.”

And saying how he wants to make up for lost time, he says: “I want to go until my body says no and don’t want to have just one or two fights a year. I want to keep the ball rolling. After this one, I would look at getting in another one before the end of the year, and then another one perhaps in March time.

“I want to fight for a title, my promoter says it’s possible at some time next year, and that’s what I’m looking for.” Aside from fighting in the ring, Milch is also a personal trainer and is looking to jointly-set up a White Collar event in early 2015 to raise money for a Jewish charity, of which he can also help out anyone who wishes to take part.

Also encouraging members of the community to keep fit, he says: “Boxing is a great way for people to keep fit and healthy, and should they wish to take the next step forward, I can also help train them if they wish to have a go in the ring.”

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