Milch looking to dazzle at York Hall

Milch looking to dazzle at York Hall

Tony Milch is all set for his first professional fight at York Hall

Tony Milch will be defending his unbeaten professional record at the world-famous York Hall on Saturday evening and says he’s looking forward to putting on a show for his fans.

Having finished his training, the 34-year-old’s last sparring session being on Friday, a few padding sessions, along with taking in some rest, is now all that stands between now and the opening bell.

Fighting fit as he looks to make it eight wins from eight, he says: “I’ve now finished my sparring and training and am in the best shape ever. I’ve never been so fit, this is the sharpest I’ve ever been and now it’s just a matter of ticking over until Saturday night.”

Expecting more than 100 fans to be backing him on, this will be his first fight as a professional at the world-famous York Hall, and he says he can’t wait. “It will be great to fight there and is why, to an extent, I’ve sold so many tickets,” he says. “It’s also been a venue in the past where so many Jewish boxers have fought and I’m hoping to put on a show for all the fans.”

While his opponent and number of rounds for Saturday are still to be confirmed, having fought a six-round contest – in his last fight – he wants to at least match that. He says: “We have a fighter lined up, though he’s more of a brawler and wants four rounds. I’m more of a boxer and want six, but we’ll have to see.” Having fought the six last time out, he’s now eligible for a championship fight, and expects that to come later on in the year.

Hoping to go out with a bang, with this fight being his last one for a couple of months, he says: “This is the last show of the summer so it would be good to out on a positive, winning note. It would further add to my confidence and put me in good stead for October, November time when I will be looking to push on to the next level.”

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