Milch claims seventh straight win

Milch claims seventh straight win

Picture: Philip Sharkey

Boxer Tony Milch says he’s more confident than ever of fighting for a national title after he maintained his 100 percent winning record on Saturday night.

The 33-year-old middleweight beat Bulgarian Daniel Borisov 59-55 on points at the Camden Centre, in what was his first six-round fight.

Up against a more experienced fighter than in his previous six fights, he said: “The fight was a good action one, everyone enjoyed it. Even though I was lighter than him, I always felt much stronger than him and was able to push him back at will. I was dominating with my jab, threw some nice right-handers and definitely felt more composed in the ring.”

Delighted at having come through a longer fight, he said: “It was a great experience for me, I went the distance which was good as I’ve now got six rounds in the bank. My stamina was fine, if anything I had more energy and could have gone on longer than six rounds if needed.

“He was experienced, has been in the ring with good people, so for me the best thing about it was to get the rounds in. Until you’ve done them you don’t know what you’re capable of and now I don’t want to go back down – I don’t want to do four again, but rather six, eight or ten. I’m more suited for a longer-distance fight, I’m not a novice fighter, I’m skillful, technical, I don’t need a sprint pace fight – the rounds suit me.

“For me it proves all the hard word with my trainer Ian Burbedge has paid off, it was really good to get the rounds in and now I want to take the next step up.”

The win also saw him rise in the rankings, moving up into the top 30 in the UK, and with potential televised fights now in the pipeline, he’s now looking forward to pushing on with a title for a national title sooner rather than later.

With his next fight hopefully coming up within the next couple of months, he said: “Ian said he’d like one more six-rounder, and then we’ll see. I have a great team behind me which makes me more relaxed in the ring, I wasn’t tense, am definitely progressing and looking forward to keep going and stepping up for the next challenge, with a title sooner than later.”

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