MGBSFL League goalscoring chart week 25

MGBSFL League goalscoring chart week 25

Find out who's leading the way at the top of the MGBSFL goalscoring chart.

Andrew Sherwood is the Jewish News Sport and Community Editor

by Andrew Sherwood


27 Goals:
Richard Fogelman (Faithfold B)

25 Goals:
Avi Markiewicz (RC UK FC)

24 Goals:
Jordan Sharifian (Temple Fortune)

20 Goals:
Reiss Mogilner (Brady Maccabi)

19 Goals:
Zac Lewis (Hendon United A)

16 Goals:
Andy Smith (L’Equipe)
Zach Cohen (Mill Hill Dons)
Matt Stock (North London Raiders A)
Jonti Aremband (RC UK FC)

15 Goals:
Oliver Sade (Finchley City)
Michael Kenley (Maccabi London Lions B)
Max Martin (L’Equipe)
Liron Mannie (North London Raiders A)
Dean Nyman (Redbridge Jewish Care A)

13 Goals:
Joshua Bloom (Maccabi London Lions B)
Benji Weinberger (Maccabi London Lions B)
Daniel Garfinkle (Redbridge Jewish Care A/C)

12 Goals:
Liam Stein (North London Raiders A/C)

11 Goals:
Richard Salmon (FC Team A)
Josh Cohen (Hertswood Vale)
Alex Elf (North London Raiders C)
Josh Bharier (Scrabble)

10 Goals:
Jeff Gotch (Catford & Bromley)
Dave Woolman (Oakwood A/B)
Rafi Bloom (Oakwood B)
Sam Sollosi (Redbridge Jewish Care A/B)

9 Goals:
Marc Charles (Faithfold A)
Adam Isaacs (Mill Hill Dons)
Nathan Sollosi (Redbridge Jewish Care A)

8 Goals:
Joel Lassman (Catford & Bromley)
Jono Gaon (Finchley City/Mill Hill Dons)
Daniel Polak (Finchley City)
Adam Ellis (Hendon United B)
Jon Kay (L’Equipe)
James Mandell (L’Equipe)
Ben Ellis (North London Raiders A)
Will Ufland (North London Raiders B)
Jonny Blain (North London Raiders C/Oakwood A)
Chaim Gothold (Real Hendon)
Jimmy Castle (Redbridge Jewish Care C)
Danny Sherman (Scrabble)

7 Goals:
Chaim Bordon (Faithfold B)
Josh Harris (Hendon United A)
Adam Arnold (Maccabi London Lions A)
Jack Mattey (Maccabi London Lions U21)
Jake Gilbert (North London Raiders B)
David Dinkin (North London Raiders A)
Jordan Marks (North London Raiders A/B)
Nicky Woolf (North London Raiders B)
Jonny Quinn (Oakwood A)
Joe Jordan (Redbridge Jewish Care B)
Gab Stone (Temple Fortune)

6 Goals:
Sam Simon (Boca Jewniors)
Sam Castle (Brady Maccabi/Maccabi London Lions A)
Daniel Seligman (Faithfold A/Oakwood A/B)
Connor Perl (FC Team A)
Adam Hersh (Los Blancos)
Adam Burchell (Maccabi London Lions A)
Richard Hayim (Mill Hill Dons)
Dave Cohen (North London Raiders A)
Alex Sher (North London Raiders C)
James Abrams (Oakwood B)
Sam Modlin (Oakwood B)
James Berkley (Redbridge Jewish Care A)
Russell Goldstein (Redbridge Jewish Care A)
Richie Caplin (Redbridge Jewish Care B)
Gav Noe (Real Hendon)
Adam Waters (Scrabble)
Brett Stead (Temple Fortune)

5 Goals:
Joshua Cinna (Boca Jewniors)
Avi Garson (Faithfold A/B)
Dovi Fehler (Hendon United A)
Yoav Kestenbaum (Hendon United A)
Avi Korman (Hendon United A)
Rocky Spitzer (Hendon United A)
Gideon Barth (Hendon United B)
Elio Elia (Hertswood Vale)
Avi Kestenbaum (Los Blancos)
Adam Abadi (Maccabi London Lions B)
Dean Rosenthal (Maccabi London Lions B)
David Cohen (North London Raiders A)
Sam Cantor (Oakwood A)
Jacob Richler Kleiman (Oakwood B)
Benni Sluckis (Real Hendon)
Carl Dobrin (Redbridge Jewish Care B)
Brad Gayer (Redbridge Jewish Care B)
Aaron Goldberg (Redbridge Jewish Care C)
Rafe Neiman (Redbridge Jewish Care C)

4 Goals:
Benjamin Bell (Athletic Bilbaum)
Josh Newman (Brady Maccabi)
Louis Taylor (Catford & Bromley/Faithfold B)
Sam Garson (Faithfold B)
Lorian Madanes (FC Team A)
Mitch Young (FC Team A)
Eddie Sternberg (FC Team B)
Sam Leader (Finchley City)
Yehuda Korman (Hendon United A)
Harry Graham (Hertswood Vale)
Grant Bates (L’Equipe)
James Bell (L’Equipe)
Mark Smith (L’Equipe)
Louie Libbert (Los Blancos)
Ben Winters (Maccabi London Lions B)
Nick Phillips (Mill Hill Dons)
Jason Weldon (Mill Hill Dons)
Jonny Kay (North London Raiders A)
Nick Lewis (North London Raiders A)
Alex Goodman (North London Raiders B)
Ashley Davidson (North London Raiders C)
Nick Haringman (North London Raiders C)
Zack Collins (Oakwood A)
Leor Sidle (Oakwood A)
Zalmy Cohen (RC UK FC)
Dovi Vogel (RC UK FC)
Matt Berkley (Redbridge Jewish Care A/B)
Zack Neiman (Redbridge Jewish Care A)
Ben Chernoff (Redbridge Jewish Care B)
Elliot Espinoza (Scrabble)
Zac Summerfield (Scrabble)
Jake Marks (Temple Fortune)
Zack Rich (Temple Fortune)
Tom Alexander (Woodford Wanderers)

3 Goals:
Jacob Brunner (Athletic Bilbaum)
Sam Deaner (Athletic Bilbaum)
Jamie Leboff (Boca Jewniors)
Marc Rister (Brady Maccabi)
Rob Hershkorn (Camden Park)
Craig Edwards (Catford & Bromley/Faithfold A)
Ashley Stokes (Catford & Bromley)
Danny Yeshua (Catford & Bromley)
Craig Cole (Faithfold A)
Jonathan Marrache (Faithfold B)
Dan Yossman (Faithfold A/B)
Adam Rones (FC Team A)
Shim Bensoor (Finchley City)
Alon Pinhas (Finchley City)
Ari Last (Hendon United A)
Moses Seitler (Hendon United A)
Josh Gorb (Hertswood Vale)
James Millet (Hertswood Vale)
Mark Singer (L’Equipe)
Joel Kutner (Los Blancos)
James Gershfield (Maccabi London Lions A)
Jamie Jackson (Maccabi London Lions A)
Alex Taylor (Maccabi London Lions A)
Dom Feldman (Maccabi London Lions B)
Max Kyte (Maccabi London Lions A/U21)
Sam Khan (Mill Hill Dons)
Jack Roberts (North London Raiders A/B)
Simon Buchler (North London Raiders B)
Rob Samuelson (North London Raiders C)
Kyle Bentwood (Oakwood A/B)
Brad Wine (Oakwood A)
Aaron Searle (Oakwood B)
Daniel Selwyn (Oakwood B)
Aaron Luftig (RC UK FC)
Lollu Hibbert (Real Hendon)
Ryan Cole (Redbridge Jewish Care A)
Nate Kashket (Redbridge Jewish Care A/C)
Ben Sollosi (Redbridge Jewish Care A)
Dan Andrews (Redbridge Jewish Care B)
Adam Goldman (Redbridge Jewish Care B)
Kane Hopps (Redbridge Jewish Care B)
Craig Sandford (Redbridge Jewish Care B/Woodford Wanderers)
Barry Green (Redbridge Jewish Care C)
Oli Hambling (Redbridge Jewish Care C)
Jordan Sapler (Redbridge Jewish Care C)
Josh Pugh (Scrabble)
Brandon Sassoon (Scrabble)
Adam Lenz (Temple Fortune)

2 Goals:
Danny Feuer (Hertswood Vale)
Anton Nyman (Boca Jewniors)
Dan Cohen (Brady Maccabi)
Nathan Harrod (Brady Maccabi)
Ben Kohler (Brady Maccabi)
Mike Khalastchi (Camden Park)
Josh Marks (Camden Park)
Jake Saunders (Camden Park)
David Smouha (Camden Park)
Callion McGregor (Catford & Bromley)
Jason Shoffman (Catford & Bromley)
Jamie Sinai (Catford & Bromley)
Richard Winton (Catford & Bromley)
Shai Davidi (Faithfold A)
Josh Barnett (Faithfold B)
James Korn (FC Team A)
James Stanley (FC Team A)
Josh Aziz (Finchley City)
Yoel Deal (Finchley City)
Moshe Fehler (Finchley City)
Daniel Sinclair (Finchley City)
Gideon Gale (Hendon United B)
Matt Gilbrey (L’Equipe)
Rob Simons (L’Equipe)
Nick Stern (L’Equipe)
Joseph Davis (Los Blancos)
Svi Freedman (Los Blancos)
Mitch Green (Los Blancos)
Jeff Gross (Los Blancos)
Tim Heynes (Los Blancos)
Luke Strauss (Los Blancos)
Dom Cheniart (Maccabi London Lions A)
Ollie Craig (Maccabi London Lions A)
James Gold (Maccabi London Lions A)
Austin Lipman (Maccabi London Lions A)
Harry Marlow (Maccabi London Lions A)
Alex Rose (Maccabi London Lions A)
Bradley Sharp (Maccabi London Lions A)
Charlie Cohen (Maccabi London Lions B)
Ed Brafman (Maccabi London Lions B)
Adam Stolerman (Maccabi London Lions Masters)
Sammy Hakimian (Mill Hill Dons)
Harry Moss (Mill Hill Dons)
Joel Sinclair-Horne (Mill Hill Dons)
Nyv Bogaire (North London Raiders A)
Oscar Wagner (North London Raiders A)
David Rhodes (North London Raiders A/C)
Josh Alswang (North London Raiders B)
Lewis Blitz (North London Raiders B)
Anthony Goodmaker (North London Raiders B)
Dale Bradman (Oakwood A)
Guy Helman (Oakwood A)
Ben Lauffer (Oakwood A)
Josh Rose (Oakwood A)
Rafi Stone (Oakwood A)
Dan Ash (Oakwood B)
Moishe Lewis (RC UK FC)
Avi Mocton (RC UK FC)
Mordy Weiler (RC UK FC)
Akiva Zneimer (RC UK FC)
Benny Goldberg (Real Hendon)
Motty Korman (Real Hendon)
Zvi Noe (Real Hendon)
Daniel Berg (Redbridge Jewish Care A)
Daniel Bean (Redbridge Jewish Care B)
Dean Ben Yosef (Redbridge Jewish Care B)
Anthony Cope (Redbridge Jewish Care B)
Scott McKenzie (Redbridge Jewish Care B)
Daniel Jacobs (Redbridge Jewish Care C)
Josh Bentley (Scrabble)
Rob Blackman (Scrabble)
Zac McLeod (Scrabble)
Sam Stead (Scrabble)
Daniel Amram (SPEC)
Jon Kaye (SPEC)
Daniel Pike (SPEC)
Elliot Wallis (SPEC)
Aron Barnes (Temple Fortune)
James Ryan (Woodford Wanderers)

1 Goals:
Jonah Gordon-Boyd (Athletic Bilbaum)
Toby Mann (Athletic Bilbaum)
Rob Rodney (Athletic Bilbaum)
Nick Shinder (Athletic Bilbaum)
Benjamin Lederman (Boca Jewniors)
Benjamin Retter (Boca Jewniors)
Michael Rosenthal (Boca Jewniors)
Brett Schuman (Boca Jewniors)
Daniel Harrod (Brady Maccabi)
Sam Monjack (Brady Maccabi)
Jordan Nathan (Brady Maccabi)
Mitch Gerber (Brixton Old Boys)
Dan Baneth (Camden Park)
David Kanzen (Camden Park)
Dan Khalastchi (Camden Park)
David Khalastchi (Camden Park)
Sasha Nussenbaum (Camden Park)
Tal Cohen (Catford & Bromley)
Jordan Grant (Catford & Bromley)
Mike Field (Faithfold A)
Stuart Haring (Faithfold A)
Jonny Horwitz (Faithfold A)
Jamie Kent (Faithfold A)
Dan Kosky (Faithfold A)
Sam Reeves (Faithfold A)
Dan Abrams (Faithfold B)
Raphael Meyers (Faithfold B)
Jeremy Teacher (Faithfold B)
Ben Binder (FC Team A)
Bradley Cohen (FC Team A)
Andrei Grayson (FC Team A)
Danny Moss (FC Team A)
Michael Pearson (FC Team A)
Richard Sternberg (FC Team A)
Jon Toby (FC Team A)
Eitan Ben Zion (FC Team B)
Jamie Breslaw (FC Team B)
Michael Marks (FC Team B)
Adam Morris (FC Team B)
Adam Newsome (FC Team B)
Nicky Sugarman (FC Team B)
Jacob Symons (FC Team B)
Eli Davilia (Finchley City)
Rafi Kon (Finchley City)
Gav Krieger (Finchley City)
Zac Garbacz (Hendon United A)
Yoav Lebens (Hendon United A)
Saul Cohen (Hendon United B)
Stuart Harris (Hendon United B)
James Neidle (Hendon United B)
Matan Ozin (Hendon United B)
Gab Saul (Hendon United B)
Glen Turner (Hendon United B)
Ollie Brill (Hertswood Vale)
Sam Cohen (Hertswood Vale)
Ben Davis (Hertswood Vale)
Adrian Leibovitch (Hertswood Vale)
Ben Mandel (Hertswood Vale)
Jack Shulman (Hertswood Vale)
Josh Webber (Hertswood Vale)
Mark Korn (L’Equipe)
Dave Prager (L’Equipe)
Josh Cramer (Los Blancos)
Jamie Kutner (Los Blancos)
Simon Moses (Los Blancos)
Elliot Moslawy (Los Blancos)
Darren Russell (Los Blancos)
Bailey Snow (Los Blancos)
Sam Arghebant (Maccabi London Lions A)
Alex Bowman (Maccabi London Lions A)
David Cohen (Maccabi London Lions A)
Richard Gold (North London Raiders B)
Ben Goldberg (Maccabi London Lions A)
Johnny Haik (Maccabi London Lions A)
Ben Lampert (Maccabi London Lions A)
Sam Lewis (Maccabi London Lions A)
Ricky Rinder (Maccabi London Lions A)
Charlie Rubin (Maccabi London Lions A)
Nick Smith (Maccabi London Lions A)
Theo Azouz (Maccabi London Lions B)
Daniel Fattal (Maccabi London Lions B)
Sammy Kingston (Maccabi London Lions B)
Nick Landesberg (Maccabi London Lions B)
Zak Linden (Maccabi London Lions B)
Daniel Mattey (Maccabi London Lions B)
Zachary Rose (Maccabi London Lions B)
Saul Conway (Maccabi London Lions Masters)
Adam Myeroff (Maccabi London Lions Masters)
David Soutar (Maccabi London Lions Masters)
Jamie Barnett (Maccabi London Lions U21)
Josh Burns (Maccabi London Lions U21)
Jamie Cohen (Maccabi London Lions U21)
Zack Cohen (Mill Hill Dons)
Adam Diamond (Mill Hill Dons)
Ryan Kramer (Mill Hill Dons)
Jamie Nagioff (Mill Hill Dons)
Joe Reece (Mill Hill Dons)
Ariel Tamman (Mill Hill Dons)
Alex Bloch (North London Raiders A)
Joe Cohen (North London Raiders A)
Adam Gold (North London Raiders A)
Adam Joselyn (North London Raiders A)
Josh Morris (North London Raiders A)
Alex Moss (North London Raiders A)
Danny Bloom (North London Raiders B)
Charles Braunstein (North London Raiders B)
David Esterkin (North London Raiders B)
Jacob Gold (North London Raiders B)
Jason Goldstein (North London Raiders B)
Josh Goldstein (North London Raiders B)
Elad Hertshten (North London Raiders B)
Mark Leader (North London Raiders B)
Or Shmerling (North London Raiders B)
Andy Cohen (North London Raiders A/C)
Josh Green (North London Raiders B)
Adam Leveson (North London Raiders C)
Dan Tannenbaum (North London Raiders C)
Scott Waissel (North London Raiders C)
Alex Lee (Oakwood A)
Lee Warner (Oakwood A)
Max Clyne (Oakwood B)
Dani Dennison (Oakwood B)
Marc Hymanson (Oakwood B)
Jake Sorkin (Oakwood B)
David Brown (RC UK FC)
Gideon Caller (RC UK FC)
Dudi Edryei (RC UK FC)
Leor Harel (RC UK FC)
Avi Levy (RC UK FC)
Eli Shebson (RC UK FC)
Yomi Cohen (Real Hendon)
Gilad Kestenbaum (Real Hendon)
Yossi Hoffman (Real Hendon)
RA Noe (Real Hendon)
Steve Summers (Redbridge Jewish Care A)
David Fialka (Redbridge Jewish Care B)
Scott Kay (Redbridge Jewish Care B)
Adam Noble (Redbridge Jewish Care B)
Sam Moss (Redbridge Jewish Care B)
Daniel Orgal (Redbridge Jewish Care B)
Sam Rank (Redbridge Jewish Care B)
Richard Stern (Redbridge Jewish Care B)
Daniel Lipman (Redbridge Jewish Care C)
Ben Oldstein (Redbridge Jewish Care C)
Craig Phillips (Redbridge Jewish Care C)
Dan Green (Scrabble)
Jonathan Peters (Scrabble)
Tom Prevezer (Scrabble)
Ashley Burns (SPEC)
Brad Cohen (SPEC)
Craig Cohen (SPEC)
Dan Cohen (SPEC)
Marc Hecht (SPEC)
Ben Kaye (SPEC)
Ricky Lawrence (SPEC)
Michael Goldberg (Temple Fortune)
Rob Jay (Temple Fortune)
Mike Woolf (Temple Fortune)
David Sawyer (Temple Fortune)
Dean Shaw (North London Raiders A)
Harrison Midda (Woodford Wanderers)

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