MGBSFL goalscoring chart – week eight (league only)

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MGBSFL goalscoring chart – week eight (league only)

BALLWEBFind out who’s leading the way at the top of the MGBSFL goalscoring chart…


8 Goals:
James Gershfield (Harmen)
Jake Gilbert (Norstar London Raiders B)

6 Goals:
Julius Judah (Athletic Bilbaum)
Johnny Haik (Faithfold A)
David Joseph Cohen (FC Team A)
Josh Bharier (London Rovers)

5 Goals:
Mitch Green (Blizzard Storm)
Reiss Mogilner (Brady Maccabi)
Josh Newman (Brady Maccabi)
Dan Baneth (Camden Park)
Phil Braham (King Crown)
David Dinkin (Norstar London Raiders A)
Nicky Woolf (Norstar London Raiders A/B)

4 Goals:
Ben Zloof (AC Mill Hill)
Dan Cohen (AC Whetstone)
Daniel Perelberg (Athletic Bilbaum)
Dean Shaw (Blizzard Storm)
Zak McLeod (Catford & Bromley)
Ben Binder (FC Team B)
Lorian Madanes (FC Team B)
Richard Salmon (FC Team B)
Adam Stolerman (FC Team C)
Zack Gordon (KS Reunited)
James Ryan (KS Reunited)
Dave Woolman (Oakwood A)
Jacob Richler Kleiman (Oakwood B)
Steve Summers (Redbridge Jewish Care A)
Daniel Garfinkle (Redbridge Jewish Care B)

3 Goals:
Joey Lazare (Harmen)
Greg Corin (Hendon United A)
Avidan Last (Hendon United A)
Brandon Sassoon (Jewdinese)
Dovi Vogel (London Rovers)
Darren Russell (Los Blancos)
Harry Franks (Maccabi London Lions Blue)
James Gold (Maccabi London Lions Blue)
Jamie Wolfson (Norstar London Raiders A)
Ben Chernoff (North West Neasden)
Guy Helman (Oakwood A)
Daniel Lassman (Redbridge Jewish Care A)
Dan Pike (SPEC FC)

2 Goals:
Jonny Kaye (AC Mill Hill)
Jamie Kent (AC Mill Hill)
Philipe Auret (AC Whetstone)
Rob Cohen (AC Whetstone)
Sam Leader (AC Whetstone)
Jacob Brunner (Athletic Bilbaum)
Vlad Zeiko (Athletic Bilbaum)
Ben Ellis (Blizzard Storm)
Daniel Harrod (Brady Maccabi)
Simon Moses (Brady Maccabi)
Saul Conway (Brixton Old Boys)
Nick Kenton (Brixton Old Boys)
Greg Meller (Camden Park)
Jake Saunders (Camden Park)
Jamie Sinai (Catford & Bromley)
Benjy Dymant (Faithfold A)
Eric Holveson (Faithfold B)
Shim Bensoor (FC Team A)
Rob Sanford (FC Team A)
Matt Davis (FC Team C)
Mitch Lassman (FC Team C)
Jake Gottlieb (Harmen)
Dovi Fehler (Hendon United A)
Avishai Kestenbaum (Hendon United A)
Luke Lewis (Jewdinese)
Brandon Sasoon (Jewdinese)
Yoel Deal (King Crown)
Jake Garfield (King Crown)
Ben Retter (King Crown)
Simon Moses (Los Blancos)
Phil Peters (Maccabi London Lions Green)
Jason Mandell (L’Equipe)
Yisroel Lewis (London Rovers)
Chaim Gothold (Los Blancos)
Liron Mannie (Norstar London Raiders A)
Dan Grossman (Norstar London Raiders B)
Max Clynes (Oakwood B)
James Rubin (Real Sosobad)
Brad Gayer (Redbridge Jewish Care A)
Nathan Solossi (Redbridge Jewish Care B)
Sam Solossi (Redbridge Jewish Care B)
Joshua Levy (Shacharit Donetsk)
Craig Cohen (SPEC FC)
Elliott Wallis (SPEC FC)
Harrison Midda (Woodford Wanderers)

1 Goal:
Elliot Bloom (AC Mill Hill)
Laurence Bloom (AC Mill Hill)
Richard Winton (AC Mill Hill)
Jonah Gordon-Boyd (AC Whetstone)
Alex Woffenden (AC Whetstone)
Ben Bell (Athletic Bilbaum)
Adam Bier (Athletic Bilbaum)
Oli Henry (Blizzard Storm)
Aaron Salaman (Blizzard Storm)
Adam Speck (Blizzard Storm)
Josh Marlow (Boca Jewniors)
Josh Webber (Boca Jewniors)
Matt Frohlich (Brady Maccabi)
Sam Monjack (Brady Maccabi)
Josh Newman (Brady Maccabi)
Henry Ziff (Brady Maccabi)
Sacha Benfredj (Brixton)
Jason Lindsay (Brixton)
Rob Hershkorn (Camden Park)
David Kanzen (Camden Park)
David Khalastchi (Camden Park)
Michael Khalastchi (Camden Park)
Guy Marks (Camden Park)
Josh Marks (Camden Park)
Richard Silver (Camden Park)
Eli Baraty (Catford & Bromley)
Yoni Bord (Catford & Bromley)
Joel Isaacs (Catford & Bromley)
Tom Prevezer (Catford & Bromley)
Avi Garson (Faithfold A)
Alex Kaye (Faithfold A)
Alex Levack (Faithfold A)
Sam Lewis (Faithfold A)
Daryl Phillips (Faithfold A)
Josh Barnett (Faithfold B)
Dan Gordon (Faithfold B)
Leor Harel (Faithfold B)
Ashley Ilsen (Faithfold B)
Adam Aminoff (FC Team A)
Eiton Ben-Zion (FC Team A)
Alon Hershkorn (FC Team A)
Yoav Lebens (FC Team A)
Roie Spitzer (FC Team A)
Daniel Breger (FC Team B)
David Grossman (FC Team B)
Shuey Mirwis (FC Team B)
Adam Rones (FC Team B)
Andy Sheena (FC Team B)
Blake Buckman (FC Team C)
Josh Kaye (FC Team C)
Adam Lenz (FC Team C)
Sam Castle (Harmen)
Brad Sharpe (Harmen)
Ben Weinberg (Harmen)
Ben Kon (Hendon United A)
Ari Last (Hendon United A)
Simon Peterman (Hendon United A)
Saul Cohen (Hendon United B)
Chaim Korman (Hendon United B)
James Neidle (Hendon United B)
Gab Saul (Hendon United B)
Ben Silverblatt (Hendon United B)
Oli Brill (Jewdinese)
Jess Alexander (Jewdinese)
Dominique Cheniart (King Crown)
Ricky FOx (King Crown)
Ben Garfield (King Crown)
Sacha Nusenbaum (King Crown)
Sebastian Deal (KS Reunited)
Jason Goldstein (KS Reunited)
James Ryan (KS Reunited)
Joe Sumray (KS Reunited)
Dan Finegold (L’Equipe)
James Mandell (L’Equipe)
John Marrace (L’Equipe)
Andy Smith (L’Equipe)
Yossi Abraham (London Rovers)
Parys Hammond (London Rovers)
Yehoshua Silverman (London Rovers)
Jono Gaon (Los Blancos)
Benjy Israel (Los Blancos)
Daniel Green (Maccabi London Lions Blue)
Josh Platt (Maccabi London Lions Green)
Nicky Silverstone (Maccabi London Lions Green)
Aaron Sporter (Maccabi London Lions Green)
Gideon Barnett (North West Neasden)
Sam Franks (North West Neasden)
Josh Green (Norstar London Raiders A)
Josh Hershman (Norstar London Raiders A)
Josh Pistol (Norstar London Raiders A)
Josh Bloom (Norstar London Raiders C)
Oli Nathan (Norstar London Raiders C)
Daniel Polak (Norstar London Raiders C)
Dan Geey (Oakwood A)
Carl Peters (Oakwood A)
Matthew Geey (Oakwood B)
Marc Hymanson (Oakwood B)
Jacob Richler Kleiman (Oakwood B)
Marcus Mann (Oakwood B)
Josh Rubin (Oakwood B)
Elliot Coulton (Real Sosobad)
Barry Green (Real Sosobad)
Josh Jacobs (Real Sosobad)
James Law (Real Sosobad)
Andy Levy (Real Sosobad)
John Lessem (Real Sosobad)
Danny Hakimi (Redbridge Jewish Care A)
James Jaconelli (Redbridge Jewish Care A)
Ben Sollosi (Redbridge Jewish Care A)
Darren Brown (Redbridge Jewish Care B)
Harry Mednick (Redbridge Jewish Care B)
Adam Ellis (Shacharit Donetsk)
Akiva Fink (Shacharit Donetsk)
Yoram Goodman (Shacharit Donetsk)
Sam Kanter (Shacharit Donetsk)
Daniel Reece (Shacharit Donetsk)
Simon Bagel (SPEC FC)
Dan Cohen (SPEC FC)
Marc Hecht (SPEC FC)
Ryan Fox (SPEC FC)
James Lesner (SPEC FC)
Richard Cooper (Temple Fortune)
David Sawyer (Temple Fortune)
Ant Shaw (Temple Fortune)
Nicky Stone (Temple Fortune)
Matt Leader (Temple Fortune)
Darren Zitren (Temple Fortune)

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