Men and masters to compete in new Maccabi cup competition

Men and masters to compete in new Maccabi cup competition

MASTERSBALLWEBThe League chairman’s of the MGBSFL and Masters League have announced a new cup competition which will feature sides from both divisions.

Held in order to extend the season for both Division One Masters and MGBSFL teams, the new competition will feature sides who have either finished their season or have just a few matches remaining.

Four teams from each League have been invited to participate and will play in two groups, with the top two teams progressing to a semi-final.

Masters chairman Stuart Lustigman said: “For some teams the season has finished too early.  We have pitches and referees available so why not take advantage of the situation?  It is also an opportunity to showcase the Masters League in the hope that more players and teams will come join us when the time is right.”

MGBSFL chairman David Woolf added: “It’s an ideal opportunity for a few of our teams to extend their season and compare their abilities with older opposition. I really hope that everyone enjoys this experience. It should be great fun.”

Group A:
Scrabble (incorporating Southgate Harmen) – MMFL
Hendon United Sports Club  ‘B’ – MGBSFL
Brady Maccabi – MMFL
Faithfold ‘B’ – MGBSFL

Group B:
Waldaf Town – MMFL
Jewdinese – MGBSFL
N L Raiders – MMFL
Norstar NL Raiders ‘B’ – MGBSFL

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