Meet the ‘Juslim’ superheroes making their parents proud

Meet the ‘Juslim’ superheroes making their parents proud

When a Jewish girl and a Muslim girl teamed up for Halloween, the internet went wild

When best friends Yasmin Idris and Casey Pearlman decided to embrace each other’s cultural background for Halloween, they probably didn’t think it would make them famous. But that’s exactly what happened.

The Californian pair, both 13, created their own heroes by merging Casey’s Jewish ethnicity with Yasmin’s Muslim identity, creating ‘The Juslims’.

Photos of them in their yellow tops, striped tights and capes quickly took off online – with 80,000 hits in a matter of hours. The girls even created their own logo: a glittery ‘JM,’ which stands for Jewish-Muslim.

Casey’s father Jeff, who helped the girls coin the phrase ‘Juslim’ during a car-ride, said: “I’ve rarely been more proud, truly.”

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