Masters side set for November Israel tour

Masters side set for November Israel tour

A previous masters tour team

The Maccabi GB Masters Football League Tour are set to return to Israel for the eighth time in November, when they will be sending over the largest delegation for a one-team squad since the tours began in 2002.

Following a two-year absence, players from seven different clubs (including seven players from EDRS) have registered and will be joined by supporters, meaning a total of 32 people will make up the tour party.

The MMFL team will be joined by two teams from Argentina and one from Israel, and will play three matches during the seven-day tournament.

MMFL chairman and tour organiser Stuart Lustigman said: “Little did we know when this tour was first planned in February just how significant our visit would be, although we are no strangers to troubled times as our early trips took place during the second Intifada.

“However, it’s just amazing how many players have participated in so many tours and I am proud to reveal that the average age of the squad is 56. In fact, it’s quite remarkable and could never have happened if the MMFL had not been formed back in 1999.”
Aside from the football, the delegation will pay a visit to the Knesset, the Israel Rescue Centre and Israel Sports Centre for the Disabled.

Lustigman added: “I’m sure that demonstrating solidarity with Israel is foremost in the players’ minds but a win over Argentina is not far behind!”

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