Does my ‘SS’ look big in this? Fashion giant’s ‘Nazi blouse’ controversy

Does my ‘SS’ look big in this? Fashion giant’s ‘Nazi blouse’ controversy

Jack Mendel is the Online Editor at the Jewish News.

The garment in question (Source: Twitter)

By Jack Mendel

A high street fashion chain has expressed “regret” after complaints that one of its women’s blouses features a symbol virtually identical to one used by the Nazi secret police.

The motif on Mango’s ‘Lightning print shirt’ blouse has been criticised for its resemblance to one worn by the Waffen-SS.

The flash design has drawn criticism on social media, with some referring to ‘Nazi-chic’ and the ‘Eva Braun collection’.

The single flash symbol was worn by the Hitler Youth, while a double flash was sported by the paramilitary Waffen-SS, who were responsible for running the concentration camps.

The SS bolts
The SS bolts

Mango responded in an email to Spanish newspaper The Local, saying: “The blouse belongs to a collection inspired by mini-motifs. In the range there are two other models which feature hearts and stars. This design shows one of the designs. Mango regrets the unfortunate association that has come about because of this design”

This is not the first time a Spanish clothes giant has been criticised for issuing an item which evokes controversial Nazi comparison. Zara, had previously come under pressure to remove a series garmet which resembled a concentration camp outfit.

When contacted by Jewish News, Mango indicated that the garmet is still available to buy online.

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