David Icke event at Old Trafford pulled by Manchester United

David Icke event at Old Trafford pulled by Manchester United

Conspiracy theorist blames 'ultra-Zionists' for the cancellation of his event, as the club condemns his 'objectionable views'

David Icke
David Icke

Controversial conspiracy theorist David Icke blamed “ultra-Zionist hate groups” for the cancellation of his event at Manchester United’s Old Trafford.

Icke, who questions the Holocaust and peddles the myth that Jews control the world, was due to appear at the world-famous club on Fridat night as part of his UK tour, even though some European countries such as Germany have banned his performances.

After receiving complaints from Campaign Against Antisemitism, Labour MP Kate Green and other social media users, the club pulled the event.

A spokesperson for Manchester United told the Guardian: “The booking was made by a junior member of staff who was unaware of Icke and his objectionable views. The event has been cancelled.”

Icke took to twitter to condemn the decision, writing: “Manchester United you are a disgrace – football club cancels tonight’s David Icke book-launch dinner at the last minute on the say-so of ultra-Zionist hate group and freedom-destroying Labour MP.”

Kick It Out, who promote equality in football said: “Whilst we are concerned that David Icke was allowed to book an event at Old Trafford in the first place, we are pleased the appropriate action has been taken by Man Utd and the event has been cancelled.”

This comes after a London theatre defended its decision to host  David Icke on the grounds that punters can choose not to pay to see him.

Troxy theatre in the East End of London did not advertise the show on its website, and said the venue was booked by an external promoter. A spokeswoman added: “We are committed to offering a varied programme of events and as an organisation we operate under a principle of free expression, allowing the public the opportunity to decide if a show is or isn’t something they wish to see.”

David Icke’s response to the cancellation
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