Manchester interfaith month ‘spreads Hummus, not hate’

Manchester interfaith month ‘spreads Hummus, not hate’

Over a thousand school pupils from Manchester’s Jewish and Muslim communities – as well as hundreds of university students – celebrated a month of cooperation as part of the 2015 ‘Season of Twinning’ initiative. 

Events organised by the Faith Network 4 Manchester (FN4M) and the Muslim Jewish Forum of Greater Manchester included speeches, dinners and a bowling competition – with food, and particularly hummus, featuring heavily. 

Participants displayed banners carrying the message “#WeRefuseToBeEnemies” and “#SpreadHummusNotHate”.

Novelist Qaisra Shahraz, the FN4M’s Vice-Chair, said: “We have had very positive responses from schoolchildren, teachers, university students, parents and community members who took part. All felt uplifted by their experience.”

The programme drew to a close last week, having began on November 8th. 


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