Madonna causes controversy with racy Tisha B’Av Instagram post

Madonna causes controversy with racy Tisha B’Av Instagram post

Singer posts scantily-clad picture of herself on social media marking the Jewish holy day, which some saw as being disrespectful

Naomi is a freelance journalist

Kabballah fan Madonna caused controversy on Tuesday, after posting a racy picture on Instagram for the sombre Jewish festival of Tisha B’Av.

The superstar singer appeared to be marking the day, which signifies a number of catastrophes for Jews, including the destruction of the two ancient temples in Jerusalem.

She uploaded a scantily clad photo of herself lying in bed in a bra alongside the words “9th of Av. This is a Day to stay inside. lay low. Keep Quiet.”

Some of her 9.8 million followers weren’t impressed however, accusing her of disrespecting the holy day.

One Twitter fan Haya Eytan questioned ‘Do U even know what ‪#TishaBAv is all about??’, whilst @TheCollegeRabbi said: “That is not an appropriate picture for tisha b’av”

Instagram user samantha.g.rapp wrote: ‘This is a day of mourning… why use it as an excuse to post lingerie pics?’

Fasting and avoiding celebration are observed on the fast day, which falls on the Hebrew date of the 9th of Av. Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 13.57.16

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