Luciana Berger shares poll showing her trailing, urges remain voters to back her

Luciana Berger shares poll showing her trailing, urges remain voters to back her

'I am the only Remain candidate who can win here,' Liberal Democrat hopeful claims ahead of next week's election

Polling station
Polling station

Liberal Democrat hopeful Luciana Berger has urged remain supporters to vote for her as she shared a constituency poll on Monday predicting her trailing in Finchley and Golders Green ahead of the December 12 election.

The numbers, released on Sunday, were published by Gina Miller’s tactical voting website Remain United, based on national polling conducted with Savanta ComRes and in-constituency research.

According to the website, Conservative candidate Mike Freer is poised to enjoy a 10-point lead over Berger, who is on 32 percent, with Labour’s Ross Houston slumping to 18 percent in the marginal seat.

Remain United urged tactical voters backing remain to vote for Berger, who shared the poll on her Twitter feed on Monday, adding: “I am the only Remain candidate who can win here.”

A spokesperson for the candidate told Jewish News on Monday: “This confirms what all the in-seat constituency polls conducted over the last two months have shown.

“Labour is coming a distant third and cannot win in Finchley and Golders Green. This is a two horse race between the hard Brexit Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats who want to remain.”

Research by Remain United published last month put Labour on 35 percent, ahead of the Liberal Democrats on 22 percent, with the Conservatives enjoying a comfortable lead on 42 percent.

Last month, Houston said the data demonstrated he was “the only candidate who can guarantee democracy by giving local people the chance to vote on Brexit. Mike Freer has betrayed his constituents as a member of Boris Johnson’s government forcing through a hard Brexit.”

Berger was joined by Notting Hill actor Hugh Grant on the campaign trail on Sunday as part of a bid to encourage tactical voting against Brexit.

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