#LoveIsland: Dirty, ditched and desperate

#LoveIsland: Dirty, ditched and desperate

After all that bedroom action the Buddah of Bushey Eyal Booker is dropped by his 'partner'

Brigit Grant is the Jewish News Supplements Editor

Just when the Buddah of Bushey thought it was safe to put his feet up (on Megan) – she went and dumped him. Of course we weren’t as shocked as he was, because we had been listening to her witter on about their very obvious lack of compatibility outside the dormitory. “He is kind and beautiful inside and out ,” she told anyone who would listen, before adding the fateful “But…..”

As the first couple in the house to seal the deal in the bedroom and go beyond what fellow villa mate Wes describes as just “doing bits”, it seemed as though Eyal had chosen well for a while. Former stripper Megs was certainly keen after lights-out, but then Eyal went and burst their Love Island bubble by inaccurately guessing the number of previous partners he thought she’d had. Opting for 36, it turned out to be just 20 and Megan was mortified by Eyal’s poor grasp of maths and her morality.

Oblivious to this, Eyal innocently suggested they try having more fun outside the bedroom, and perhaps attempt talking to one another, but Megan had already set her sights on Laura’s Wes. With its’ Club 18-30 grasp on commitment uncoupling and recoupling is easy in Love Island and more frequent than meal times (do they eat?). So with Ellie not ready to be a doctor’s wife (poor pink Alex) it looks like our hero won’t be alone for long. As for Megan – I’m guessing Eyal’s mum has breathed a sigh of relief.

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