Love it or loathe it, at least you can eat it! Marmite is kosher once more

Love it or loathe it, at least you can eat it! Marmite is kosher once more


News this week that the London Beth Din has approved a range of Marmite means that, whether they love it or hate it, kosher foodies in the UK can now eat it.

The announcement comes after months of discussions between the kosher division of the United Synagogue and international food giant Unilever.

It follows pressure from Jewish fans of the popular spread, who were left disappointed when since kosher Marmite imported from South Africa became unobtainable.

A new size of Marmite, in 70g jars and produced on a particular production line, will be certified kosher, and this week, rabbis who gave the much-heralded stamp of approval said that a consumer campaign was critical to gaining agreement from the manufacturer to put the required processes in place.

“Following a huge reaction from kosher consumers after kosher Marmite was no longer readily available, we encouraged all those interested in kosher Marmite to write to Unilever,” said Rabbi Jeremy Conway, director of Kashrut Division of the London Beth Din (KLBD).

“After long discussions with the company, we are delighted to have finally secured kosher Marmite for all those Marmite lovers out there.”

The announcement comes ahead of the foodstuff’s sought-after inclusion on the new KLBD Kosher Nosh Guide, which launches later this month.

Conway cautioned that, at this stage, it was only the 70g jars which carry the KLBD stamp, because it is packed on a dedicated production line. All other Marmite products currently remain not kosher.

Other products new to the list this year include Plamil dairy free chocolates, Bear and Urban Fruit snacks, Nakd nibbles, Roo’Bar fruit and Protein Bars, Perry Court Farm Fruit Bars and Doves Farm Gluten Free cookies and Flapjacks.

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